Love Books? Then You Can Help Flood Victims!

Good morning, friends. My family and I have been continuing to search for ways to help victims of Harvey. Yesterday we delivered 16 dozen eggs to the a VFW to help feed the 400 evacuees there. We then headed over to a local shelter at Church Project to sort donations, some of which will be distributed to our homeless community. They too have lost everything during the high waters and can be largely forgotten in the shadow of the bigger disaster. We are all signed up for recovery teams and are more than ready to roll up our sleeves and get into the muck of things. But I still felt like I was missing something…

Then I realized what it was – my books. So here we go!! I am so excited to announce that for the next month, all profits from the sales of both of my books will go directly to the victims of Harvey. 

It is a two-part fantasy fiction series. You can read the synopses on Amazon. Buy them for yourself. Buy them for loved ones as gifts. Buy them and donate to your local library. Treat yourself to a good book (or two), get a few people off your Christmas list early, and help victims all in one fell swoop!!

And if you are signed up for AmazonSmile, another percentage of Amazon’s profit will also go toward the charity of your choice.

It’s a win-win-win situation!

Simply click on the pictures below, purchase through Amazon, enjoy a great book, and help people! I am so excited to offer this opportunity, and thank you in advance for all you are doing to love, support, encourage, and fund recovery in Texas.

Beautifully, brokenly yours,


COD ISBN cover     SOB ISBN cover



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