Mommy, Did You Ever Love Me at All?

It's Mother's Day. The social media feeds are stock full of the smiling faces of my friends and their moms. There are endless sentiments of devotion, gratitude, and love. And I absolutely love it. I wouldn't dream of denying that kind of immense joy to anyone. It's pure, beautiful, sweet. But it's also a mixed bag for me. [...]

Lessons From Johnny Weir-Do

Like much of America and the world, my children and I have been watching the 2018 Winter Olympics. There are more than a few amazing life lessons to be learned from the proceedings. *If and when you fall, get back up and keep going. *We can overcome our differences and work together as a team. [...]

Tears for a Man No One Cared About

I am sitting here with tears streaming down my cheeks tonight. I cannot stop the floodgate that has opened up, and honestly I don't want to. The tears are for a man that no one cared about. But that's not entirely true. I did. His name was Danny Pilcher. He was homeless - one amongst [...]

Because of Some Blankets

We hear a lot of stories these days about hatred, violence, destruction, death. I am loathe to turn on the news because it is chock full of these things and utterly depressing. It often feels like we are living a lost cause and that the good has fled from the hearts of all humanity. The [...]

The Harvey Family You Helped

Back in September, I wrote a couple of heartfelt blogs as the chaos of Hurricane Harvey consumed my beloved city - The Good Thing Harvey Washed Away and The Wrong Donations - Some Tough Words on Disaster Relief. With the massive (rather unexpected) response I was receiving, I decided to use my popularity (notoriety?) for [...]

To the Coach That Made My Son Cry

Dear Coach : My little boy sat down at lunch today. It was his sister's turn to say the prayer, but he begged her to let him take this one. "Pleeeeease?" he pleaded, "I have something really important to ask God." She gracoiusly consented. I watched perplexed as he closed his bright blue eyes, folded his sweet [...]

A Firefighter’s Worst Nightmare

I thought my heart couldn't be broken any more than it already had this week. I was dead wrong. Today it was shattered.  In the early morning hours of September 11th, Hurricane Irma roared through Florida unleashing her unrelenting fury. I sat on the sofa just outside of Houston, TX, with a friend, Traci, watching [...]

Ten Somethings You Can Do to Help Harvey Victims

I recently wrote a blog explaining that, though we are extremely grateful for the amazing outpouring of love and support we are receiving in Texas, some donations simply are not of immediate necessity in our current stage of recovery attempts. If you have not yet had the chance to read it, you can check it [...]

Love Books? Then You Can Help Flood Victims!

Good morning, friends. My family and I have been continuing to search for ways to help victims of Harvey. Yesterday we delivered 16 dozen eggs to the a VFW to help feed the 400 evacuees there. We then headed over to a local shelter at Church Project to sort donations, some of which will be [...]