Stripping Away the Paint: The Year COVID [Didn’t] Cancel Easter

It has been lamented by some that Easter has been cancelled by COVID. But that's impossible. You cannot cancel that which has already taken place. At the turn of the century, furniture was lovingly and painstakingly hewn by tradesmen who had spent their entire lives learning to understand the intricate beauty of the woods with [...]

Put Down Our Stones

Irony: People that are appalled by the crotch shots at the Super Bowl keeping the vag vibe alive by continuously sharing crotch shots from the Super Bowl. I cannot tell you the number of people who are vocally aghast at the 'blatant sexuality' of the recent halftime set who in turn keep searching out gratuitous [...]

Five Things Every Christian Should Do on Easter

Let’s just get something straight: Easter is not for Christians. And all God's people gasped in unified protestation…"SAY WHAT???  So who exactly is Easter for then, pray tell?" Well…that guy of course.  Easter is for that dirty guy that reeks of alcohol who is passed out under the 9th street bridge.  Easter is for that [...]

The Invisible Man

I recently had the opportunity to take my daughter and her sweet friend to a Lauren Daigle concert. It was her birthday present; you know 'experiences and not stuff' and all of that really awesome sounding parenting paraphernalia. I like to pretend that I'm totally rocking this whole anti-materialistic parenting technique thing, you know? So [...]

Dear Carolinas, Love Texas

Dear Carolinas, We see you. We just want you to know that you are not alone. We know what it is like to sit day after excruciating day while the heavens pour out their never-ending wrath upon you, wondering if it is ever going to end...and if it does, what might be left of life [...]